Pebble Dash Repair Services & House Rendering

If you are in need of house rendering repair or your pebble dashing needs replacement, Timkon are available for you to discuss your requirements. It is essential that external finishes are regularly maintained in order to prevent the possibility of damp causing a problem to internal finishes with in the property.


If you would like to provide extra protection for your render, you can add small stones to the outside of the wall, this is called ‘pebble dashing’. At Timkon, if you choose our pebble dashing services, we apply small stones that are stuck together to form another exterior layer. Pebble dashing will, without out a doubt, extend the life of your property.


Rendering is the process of applying a protective and durable wall covering to the outside of a property for its maintenance and well-being, this can be done by hand or by machine.

The purpose for rendering the exterior of a wall is to protect the structure from the natural elements which is essential to stopping damp from forming. It provides an extra layer on the outside that is waterproof and long-lasting providing a sustainable solution.

There are many benefits to pebble dashing your home; it can add value to your property, it provides an extra layer of insulation, it is decorative and aesthetically pleasing as well as being cost effective. If you think you are in need of pebble dashing, please do get in touch today!


Timkon can also provide beautiful domestic building services such as home extensions servicesproperty refurbishmentcavity wall tie replacement as well as kitchen installations and bathroom installations. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!


If you would like your exterior wall rendered or pebble dashed, please do get in touch with us by calling 01372 844534 or 01372 849975; you can also email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.