Specialist Dry Rot Treatment

Dry Rot is a very aggressive form of fungus that can cause significant damage to a property if relevant dt rot treatment is not applied. What makes it so dangerous is its ability to travel between brickwork/masonry in a search for its next timber or food source. Dry Rot doesn’t require a lot of amenities to spread; a little bit of water and low temperatures can see it grow as fast as 80mm per day.  This is why speed is key in implementing an effective dry rot treatment as soon as possible.


Similar to Wet Rot Fungus, it affects the appearance of the timber, turning them a dark brown and will need wet rot treatment. A cotton wool like growth will start to appear on the surface and can start to adapt to the timber. The colour of this ‘cotton wool’ can help you determine the age of the fungus; if it is white, it is very young whereas a mature fungus will appear brown or reddish brown. Specialist strands of the fungus can start to produce water and essentials to surviving which can cause further widespread.

It doesn’t bypass the brickwork or masonry completely either. Despite not feeding on this material, it can penetrate through plaster layers and cause the internal structure to be affected and weakened. Spotting this fungus early will give you the best chance of saving your timbers through our dry rot treatment.


Our expertise is not limited to Dry Rot treatment. Our vast experience has seen us take on Wet Rot treatment, Woodworms as well as wood boring insects identification. If you fear that any of these timber decay treatment issues are affecting your property, please do contact us.


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